Trips & Rates

The Reel Steal Rhode Island Fishing Charter Boat rates are among the most reasonable in the area and we make special arrangements for larger parties needing two or more boats. The below rates are for Rhode Island Fishing Charters and include a maximum of 6 clients.

Ask about special rates for less than 4 people!

  • Inshore Half Day-$500, deposit=$200
  • Inshore Full Day-$700, deposit=$300
  • Squid Half Day-$400, deposit=$150
  • Offshore (Always Full Day)-$2500, deposit=$1000
  • Shark (Always Full Day)-$1500, deposit=$700

Trip Type: Inshore-Half Day-am or pm
The boat will leave the dock at approximately 7:30 am. It’s a short trip to the Watch Hill Reefs, where we will troll for Striped Bass and Bluefish. Depending on the tide velocity, we may bottom fish for Flounder, Black Sea Bass, and Scup and hit the reefs later, when the tide is more favorable. The trip will take us along the Watch Hill and Misquamicut coast where we will work other humps and small reefs that have been productive in the past. We will return to the dock about 12:30 pm.

Trip Type: Inshore-Full Day
The boat will leave the dock at approximately 7:30 am. We have the option of traveling to Block Island or Montauk (each about a 1 hour ride), or hitting the Watch Hill Reefs and reefs further east, depending on what the weather is like, and what the fishing reports have shown. Trolling for trophy Striped bass and Bluefish will be the main activity, with bottom fishing for table fare such as Black Sea Bass, Flounder and Scup rounding out the catch. We will return to the dock about 2:30-3 pm.

Trip Type: Offshore-Always Full Day
Offshore trips commence at about 6:30 am and involve a considerable time to travel to the fishing grounds. Shark fishing trips take about 2 hours minimum, and Tuna trips usually take 3 hours or maybe more to get to the grounds. These trips are undertaken only if the weather is perfect and the fishing reports indicate a high probability of success. Long boat rides are physically taxing and the trip must be worthwhile for the Reel Steal to attempt one. Sharking involves putting out a chum slick and drifting with baited lines at various depths. Tuna fishing involves trolling at about 7 knots using squid spreaders and plastic lures with “birds”.  Please contact Captain Jim before booking any offshore trip.  Thanks

NOTE: Rates do not include the tip for the mate. (20% of the trip price is customary.)